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MR Speaks

A motivational speaker born with the heart and soul to speak up and stand his ground on matters of humanity and everything that goes with it. His unorthodox method of speaking is what keeps a huge gap between him and all those who call themselves “speakers”– he organically goes through the whole talk armed with just his truth to keep up with the people’s query, playful and sometimes quite dodging minds.

Love, relationships, leadership, public speaking, trauma, character building, career path, creative writing, HR management, people skills, moving on, self-worth, art for teaching, and more.


Real Talk

MR Speaks only speaks from experience and is generous enough to share secrets of the trade of living a life worth dying for. He started very young on investigating the world and the members of this club called Earth. By grade school, he started to write thoughts he had of the world and the humans surrounding him. He calculated and miscalculated between lies and truths the world has presented before him.

His main life purpose is to inspire and awaken truths unknown inside each and every human being that breathes.

He has spoken to leaders, business owners, speakers, nuns, priests, ambassadors, and students around the metro. He is set to be the youngest most influential man using his voice to inspire and change humanity at a rate that the universe may deem to see fit.

“Give me a place to stand and people to listen and I will move the earth.”


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MR Speaks In The Bottomline With Boy Abunda

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What To Do When Someone Is Courting You

The story behind this featured video

24 Million views in 24 hours

This viral video of motivational and inspirational speaker MR SPEAKS about “what to do when someone courts you”, was tagged as Spam by Facebook, prompting MR SPEAKS himself, Manu Respall, to communicate with FB’s Mark Zuckerberg to review its content. The video of his talk on humanity and empowerment, posted on July 9 on his page, garnered millions of views and hundreds of thousands of shares in a span of 24 hours, something that has never happened in Philippine Facebook before. In a week, it has caused a traffic of more than 23 million views, a conservative estimate due to Facebook blocking the ads and the ability to share. 

MR SPEAKS’ videos and posts have reached Dubai, the US, Kuwait, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, Finland, Canada, and other countries. He has been getting invitations worldwide and is now sought-after for interviews and features on TV and radio. From 28 followers since MR SPEAKS started his FB Page, we have now 701,714 followers as of this writing and still counting in just a month’s time making our Facebook Page tagged by Facebook as a “PHENOMENON”.

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